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Prosodie Interactive Adds Speech Recognition
to Voice Solutions Offerings

Quality of Service Survey Application Enhanced by LumenVox Speech Technology

Plantation, FL and San Diego, CA (February 15th, 2007) — Prosodie Interactive, an industry leading technology services provider, and LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition technology, announced today the integration of the LumenVox Speech Engine into the suite of Prosodie Voice Solutions. The initial implementation, an inbound Survey Application, not only offers a more natural interface for participants than a DTMF (Touch Tone) application, but also increases responsiveness and satisfaction.

"By migrating our Voice Solutions from DTMF to Speech simply enables Prosodie to enhance the customer interactions and productivity of our clients. By selecting LumenVox technology for this migration, Prosodie leverages an affordable and highly-accurate Speech Engine," said Mike Vadney, CTO of Prosodie Interactive.

"Our speech software is purposefully intended to improve the callers' experience to IVR and voice applications, such as Prosodie's. We are excited to power the speech recognition functionality of Prosodie's mature and highly-respected product suite," said Edward Miller, president of LumenVox.

Prosodie Interactive's survey application is an analytical solution that offers the vertical market a communication medium for which to gather quality of service information. The LumenVox Speech Engine is a flexible API that performs speech recognition on audio data from any audio source on Linux or Windows. For more information go to www.lumenvox.com and www.prosodieinteractive.com.

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