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VClarity Completes Engine Integration
with LumenVox Speech Technology

Incorporated speech recognition to power VClarity's VXML-based IVR Platform

Tustin, CA and San Diego, CA (January 30th, 2007) — VClarity, a provider of a VXML-based speech platform and tool, and LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition technology, today announced VClarity's integration of the LumenVox Speech Engine seamlessly into the VClarity Voice Platform. The integration of LumenVox software enables VClarity customers access to accurate, enterprise-ready speech technology.

"Coupling LumenVox speech software with VXML platforms, such as VClarity's, is a formula for building compelling speech solutions. By partnering with VClarity, LumenVox continues the commitment to empower platform providers with a competitively accurate and affordable Engine," commented Edward Miller, president of LumenVox.

"By incorporating LumenVox into VClarity's VXML-Based IVR Platform we are leveraging our systems with exceptional and highly accurate speech recognition capabilities to deliver state of the art voice and speech applications. VClarity's VXML-Based IVR Platform will provide customers with decreased costs of deployment and increased ease of integration," said Emmanuel Gergis, CIO of VClarity.

The LumenVox Speech Engine is core speech technology that handles the recognition of words and phrases. The VClarity Voice Platform is an open environment that encapsulates speech recognition and text-to-speech. It is primarily structured as a set of COM components that expose various properties and methods for application developers. For more information please visit speech engine and www.vclarity.com.

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