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LumenVox Speech Engine Certified For
Use With Aculab MRCP Client For Prosody
Telephony Platforms

Speech Recognition From LumenVox Extends Current Speech Offerings From Aculab

Milton Keynes, UK and San Diego, CA (November 6th, 2006) — Aculab, a leading provider of enabling technology for the communications market, and LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition technology, announced today that the LumenVox Speech Engine has passed MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) v1 certification testing for the Aculab MRCP Client. This compliance now allows the community of Prosody telephony platform users to gain access to affordable and full featured speech recognition technology from LumenVox.

"Our commitment to the MRCP standard enables our Speech Engine to easily communicate with the leading telephony platforms, such as Aculab. We are pleased that companies using Aculab's Prosody line can take full advantage of the accuracy and power of our speech technology." said Jim Blake, CTO of LumenVox. The LumenVox Speech Engine is core speech technology that handles the recognition of words and phrases. Information about the Speech Engine can be found at www.lumenvox.com.

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