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LumenVox Releases Speech Tuner v7.0

Beta Version Offers LumenVox Speech Recognition Users New GUI and Increased Performance

San Diego, CA (September 19th, 2006) — LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition technology, today announced the Speech Tuner v7.0 beta for Windows is now available. The Speech Tuner is a powerful tool that enables speech solution developers the ability to perform tuning, transcription, and instant parameter, grammar, and version upgrade testing in-house.

The improvements we made to the Tuner directly address customer feedback we received,” said Jim Blake, CTO of LumenVox.  “By improving performance and call analysis granularity we offer the market a significant speech application tuning tool that instantly validates changes made during the tuning process.” 

The Speech Tuner v7.0 provides the following new features:

  • Faster, more user-friendly database loading.
  • Sophisticated filtering tool gives users the power to pinpoint specific calls, or those matching certain user-defined criteria.
  • Updated Call Browser quickly grants users the ability to choose and listen to a specific interaction, and export the audio file — all from one window.
  • Improved statistics, control panel interface, and shortcuts contribute to the new Transcriber performing 5 to 10 times faster, providing a more efficient user experience.
  • Revised Grammar Tester allows users to see instantly how proposed changes to grammar or Speech Engine configurations will affect the results of the speech application.

In addition, the new Speech Tuner boasts an overhaul of the GUI, making it easier to navigate. LumenVox Speech Engine users that wish to participate in the beta program can call 877-977-0707.

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