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LumenVox's Linux Speech Engine Fuels
Incendonet's SpeechBridge Appliance

San Diego, CA (FEB 14, 2006) — LumenVox, an innovator of Speech Recognition technology, announced today that Incendonet's SpeechBridge™ family of appliances now runs on their newest Speech Engine release v6.0, for Linux.

"We are very excited to incorporate Lumenvox's Linux version of their Speech Engine into our SpeechBridge™ appliance. This Linux release allows Incendonet to pursue an even broader range of end user customers by being able to support both Windows and Linux platforms. From an engineering standpoint we are very pleased with both the mature performance and accuracy of the Speech Engine as well as the seamless integration with the Linux platform, which did not require us to change even a single line of code," said Tim Kruse, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

The LumenVox Speech Engine provides developers with a flexible API that performs recognition on audio data from any audio source. The Speech Engine v6.0 includes server–side grammars, n–Best results, and MRCP support.

"We felt it was critical to respond to market demand and port our Speech Engine v6.0 to Linux, and are very pleased that Incendonet can now offer a platform choice to their SpeechBridge™ customers," said Ed Miller, President of LumenVox. Incendonet's SpeechBridge™ appliances provide enterprises with speech recognition capabilities throughout the entire network as a seamless enhancement to their existing VoIP and network infrastructure.

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