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LumenVox Announces Speech Engine Version 6.0 at SpeechTEK

San Diego, CA (JULY 19, 2005) — LumenVox, an innovator of speech recognition software, will be announcing Version 6.0 of their Speech Engine and Speech Platform at SpeechTEK, in New York City, from August 1 — 4, 2005. LumenVox will be demonstrating Version 6.0 in Booth 804 during the two-day exposition at the New York Marriott Marquis.

The new features that have been introduced in the Speech Recognition Engine include server-side grammars, NBest results, and MRCP support. Server-side grammars, offers clients a more efficient way to support large grammars, by pre-loading grammars onto the server. Thus, the grammar will be ready prior to the decode requests themselves, which can cause inefficient network traffic. Returning NBest results from LumenVox's Speech Engine allows for flexible error handling — the engine can confirm several likely results instead of only the top-scoring one. The final feature, MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) will allow developers to work with a common language for seamlessly managing diverse media resources including text-to-speech, voice verification, and speech recognition engines. These last two supported features further establish LumenVox as one of the most viable vendors to provide a high quality, robust Speech Recognition Engine.

Some of the various improvements LumenVox has made to the Speech Recognition Engine and Speech Platform include an improved Out-of-Vocabulary filter, barge-in and end-of-speech detection, confidence scoring, and increased speech recognizer search speed up. LumenVox is also working on the completion of porting their latest version of the Speech Engine to the Linux platform and should ready for market in Q4 of 2005. Since the Speech Recognition Engine is part of LumenVox's Speech Platform, the same improvements and features translate across products.

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