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Customer Interaction Solution® IP
Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award

San Diego, CA (MAY 24, 2005) — LumenVox, an innovator in speech recognition software, was named as a recipient of a 2005 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award for their Speech Driven Assistant (formerly ArtiSpeech), a speech recognition application for TeleVantage PBXs. The award was announced by Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC®) Customer Interaction Solutions® magazine (www.cismag.com), a leading publication in CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982™.

The Assistant integrates seamlessly with TeleVantage to speech-enable the name directory, allowing all callers to have hands-free phone interactions. It allows for alternate names, nicknames, and various spelling and pronunciations to be recognized. In addition, this solution enables users to retrieve, reply, and manipulate email, navigate voicemail, access other IVR applications, and place an outbound call to any of their TeleVantage personal contacts. TeleVantage administrators can also configure their databases remotely for easier access.

New this year, the IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award recognizes companies that have created a successful IP contact center product or service that is truly innovative. LumenVox has demonstrated to the editors of Customer Interaction Solutions that the Speech Driven Assistant is both innovative and a leader in the burgeoning IP contact center industry. Also, LumenVox has proven its product is of high quality and is superior in its performance and accuracy.

"TMC realizes that technology is the key to the success of any call center, and we have been covering call center technology since 1982. This is why TMC is offering this awards program, so we can judge the 'best of the best' in IP contact center technology," said Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Customer Interaction Solutions.

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