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LumenVox's Speech Tuner Supports Nuance 8.5

San Diego, CA (MAY 10, 2005) — LumenVox, an innovator in speech recognition technology, announces the availability of Nuance 8.5 support with their Speech Tuner. The Tuner allows companies working with Nuance-based speech applications to perform various tuning and testing in-house.

LumenVox's Speech Tuner is a complete maintenance tool that allows end-users, value-added resellers, and platform providers to perform tuning, as well as parameter, grammar, and version upgrade testing of any speech-driven application created on Nuance 8.5 and LumenVox platforms. The Tuner allows companies to tune and test each interaction on-the-fly, providing highly dynamic interactive tuning and testing sessions. Using their own call logs, companies can get a detailed view of how the Speech Engine is responding to callers. They can make changes to grammars and engine parameters, and immediately retest against historical data to determine if any change would help, hurt, or make no difference to the application's performance in the future.

With this GUI-based tool, companies developing speech applications on various ASR platforms can bring speech recognition application tuning in-house and avoid costly professional service fees. Keith Herold, Lead Speech Recognition Developer at LumenVox states, "The Speech Tuner's support for Nuance is in high-demand in the industry. The Tuner is a crucial piece in the industry's effort to promote speech applications and improve the caller's experience, regardless of which ASR vendor is being deployed. Our next steps will be towards integrating other speech engines like ScanSoft, IBM, Loquendo, etc."

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