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LumenVox Receives Customer Interaction Solutions Speech Technology Award

San Diego, CA (FEB 22, 2005) — LumenVox's Speech Tuner was named as a recipient of a 2005 Speech Technology Excellence Award by Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC®) Customer Inter@ction Solutions® magazine (www.cismag.com). Customer Inter@ction Solutions has been the leading publication in CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982™. The Speech Technology Excellence Award recognizes companies that have developed innovative speech technology solutions to help improve the bottom line.

LumenVox has demonstrated to the editors of Customer Inter@ction Solutions that its product is both innovative and a leader in the burgeoning speech technology industry. Also, LumenVox has proven its product is of high quality and is superior in its speech application.

The Speech Tuner is a complete maintenance tool that enables companies to perform speech application tuning, parameter testing, grammar testing, version upgrade testing, and transcription. Companies can analyze each stage in the call process and test actual calls on-the-fly. The Tuner enables companies to evaluate and improve their existing speech recognition application. The Tuner also helps speed the design and development of new applications using existing call data. The Speech Tuner is able to read call logs from both LumenVox and Nuance, and soon, ScanSoft and other ASRs.

"Speech technology is becoming more prevalent — not only in telephony-based applications, but also in hand-held computers, kiosks and mobile applications. The 2005 Speech Technology Excellence award winners give their customers a competitive advantage over contact centers failing to embrace speech solutions," said Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Customer Inter@ction Solutions. The Speech Technology Excellence Award will be published in the February 2005 issue of Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine.

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