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LumenVox Announces Version 5.0
at SpeechTEK 2004

San Diego, CA (SEPT 7, 2004) — LumenVox will be announcing Version 5.0 of their Speech Recognition Engine, Speech Tuner, and Speech Platform at SpeechTEK 2004, in New York City from September 13th through September 16th. LumenVox will be demonstrating Version 5.0 in Booth 804 during the two-day exposition, being held at the New York Marriott Marquis.

The latest version of the Speech Engine offers dramatically improved performance, as well as support for Canadian Support. The main feature implemented in version 5.0 is support of the W3C's Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) and Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition (SISR). LumenVox's Noise Reduction Module automatically adapts the Speech Engine to the acoustic environment and dynamically updates its estimate of noise levels. The Engine operates on RedHat Linux 9.0 or later, as well as Windows NT, 2000, and XP. LumenVox allows developers to custom-design their own grammars on-the-fly, filter out-of-vocabulary words, and modify the engine and grammar performance at run-time. Built-in grammars handle single digits, currency, and natural numbers.

Version 5.0 of the Speech Tuner now allows end-users or value-added resellers to perform tuning, and testing of any speech driven application created on multiple ASR platforms. This will dramatically expand the usability of the Speech Tuner to LumenVox's partners, who also have deployed applications over other ASRs in the industry. Keith Herold, Lead Speech Recognition Engineer at LumenVox says, "The marketplace was excited about the Speech Tuner when we introduced it a year ago. Their next statement was if it worked with other ASR's, which we can now say yes."

The newest additions to the already feature-rich Speech Platform are full SRGS support and on-the-fly project switching. With this flexible line setting, developers can assign each phone line to a different database, file project or CAPI only mode and then switch to a different project if needed. Kyle Danielson, Lead Software Engineer at LumenVox states, "The added functionality of on-the-fly project switching allows hosting companies to best utilize their development and physical telephone lines for customers."

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