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SandCherry and LumenVox Partner
to Offer Advanced Speech Solutions

Integrated Solution Simplifies Deployment of Affordable, High-Quality
Speech-Enabled Services

Boulder, Colo. and San Diego, CA (JUNE 8, 2004) — SandCherry, Inc., an innovator in software components and solutions for multi-channel application delivery, and LumenVox, LLC., a leader in the development of speech recognition tools and technology, today announced a partnership to offer affordable, premier-quality speech and touch-tone solutions to service providers and enterprises. SandCherry will offer LumenVox's Speech Engine and Speech Tuner with its AppDev™ VXML development toolkit, AppPackage™ pre-integrated application solutions, and custom solutions using the SoftServer™ speech services platform.

"LumenVox and SandCherry share the vision that high-quality, speech-enabled solutions should be available to any size company," said Charles Corfield, president and CEO of SandCherry. "Both companies have focused on simplifying the development, integration, and deployment of speech services while maintaining affordability."

The combined solution can support a wide range of applications for delivery to phones and multimodal devices. Customers have the choice of creating independent voice-enabled applications, or extending existing web-based applications by adding a Voice User Interface for a fraction of the cost of standalone applications. Enterprises can extend the reach of customer service, sales force automation, supply chain management, and employee portal applications by using the phone to increase availability, productivity, and user satisfaction. Service providers can realize a completely new set of services by combining the value of data with the ease of use offered by speech.

"Every company has the opportunity to benefit from speech-enabled solutions," said Edward Miller, president of LumenVox. "Whether trying to reduce the cost of customer and employee services, or trying to create new revenue-generating services, our world-class speech components combined with SandCherry's tools and platforms provide a compelling solution."

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