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LumenVox and Vocalocity Announce Partnership

San Diego, CA and Atlanta, GA (MAR 30, 2004) — Today LumenVox, a developer of speech recognition technologies and Vocalocity, a provider of VoiceXML and SALT platform software jointly announced their strategic OEM and Channel partnership. As part of this agreement, LumenVox will integrate it's Speech Engine to the Vocalocity Voice Gateway.

"Both of LumenVox and Vocalocity follow similar technology and business processes which make our partnership quite cohesive," said Edward Miller, President of LumenVox. "The incorporation of the Speech Engine to the Voice Gateway allows us to gain additional exposure to the VoiceXML standard and also enter the SALT arena."

Vocalocity Voice Gateway is a server-based communications software platform that runs VoiceXML and SALT applications. Vocalocity software is designed for easy integration and customization by OEM and channel partners. LumenVox's Speech Engine is a world class, low-level API, available on both Windows and Linux, is SRGS compliant and designed to slip into any application. The integration of both of these products offers a high quality, platform at the right price for speech developers to create VoiceXML or SALT applications.

"We are delighted that LumenVox is extending the capabilities of our platform," said John Hibel, Vocalocity's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. "The combination of Vocalocity and LumenVox products will further our common goal of driving mainstream adoption of speech recognition and open standards for speech applications."

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