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LumenVox and Vocomo to Market Speech
Recognition Product for Phone Automation

Metaphor Solutions to offer packaged applications for new offering

San Diego, CA and Cupertino, CA (MAR 24, 2004) — LumenVox, a developer of speech recognition technologies and Vocomo®, the pioneer in next-generation IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, today announced a new product that replaces complex touchtone menus with speech recognition technology allowing customers to efficiently and quickly achieve what they want. The product is designed to increase automation while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction at the lowest total cost.

"We are excited about working with Vocomo in providing affordable quality choices for small to medium businesses," said Edward Miller, President of LumenVox. "Working with Vocomo enables LumenVox to offer our world-class speech technologies to the rapidly expanding VoiceXML market."

LumenVox and Vocomo are jointly marketing LumenVox's speech recognition technologies with Vocomo's market leading VoiceXML IVR platform — Vocomo Voice® Response. VoiceXML version 2.0 is a Web standard for phone automation giving consumers and business users access to Web-based services over a telephone.

Metaphor Solutions will be offering packaged applications running on this new product. Michael Kuperstein, founder and CEO of Metaphor Solutions, said, "Because of the high cost of developing and integrating speech solutions, only the largest enterprises have been able to afford them. Now, with this offering small to medium businesses can also enjoy the benefits of automated speech solutions that deliver cost savings and ease-of-use of speech for servicing customers."

LumenVox's speech recognition technologies allow customers dialing into a company's phone system to simply navigate the IVR menu with their own voice. No longer will callers have to press 'one' or 'two' to access services or information.

Vocomo's next-generation IVR enables companies to easily and quickly deploy automated phone services that can improve employee productivity, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and create new revenue opportunities. This IVR allows companies to extend existing or new Web applications to be accessible by any phone at the lowest total cost of ownership.

"LumenVox offers an impressive suite of versatile, speech recognition technologies," said Dr. Danny Lange, CEO of Vocomo Software. "The combination of Vocomo Voice Response and LumenVox's speech recognition technologies is the right solution to increasing phone automation at the right price."

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