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LumenVox Wins Prestigious Award
For Best Speech Technology Solution

San Diego, CA (MAR 9, 2004) — LumenVox has won the contact center industry's top award for Best Speech Technology Solution in the 2004 ContactCenterWorld.com Members' Choice Awards. LumenVox won the award for Best Speech Technology Solution in Best in the USA. These awards are unique as users vote for the winners and there are no judging panels. The award program is another first for the contact center industries number one web resource 'ContactCenterWorld.com', a truly global resource that constantly sets the industry standards and attracts over 7,500 unique visitors a day to it's site.

LumenVox develops a suite of speech recognition software that allows a company to design, develop, deploy and maintain most any speech-enabled application. The suite includes the Speech Engine, a low level API, written in C/C++; Speech Platform, an intuitive GUI that provides a drag-and-drop call flow development environment; and the Speech Tuner, a complete maintenance tool that allows a company to perform tuning, testing, and transcription of any speech application. Some of the applications that have been created on LumenVox's platform include a customer satisfaction survey system, order entry, FAQs, auto-attendant, personal assistant, and payment system.

"For the second year we are delighted to have the honor of announcing the best of the best in the industry. These winners all deserve their awards — they stood out from a very crowded market and were open to feedback from their customers in a truly fair and unbiased way. The winners were those who scored exceptionally high marks across a number of areas that are important to customers. Unlike other awards in the industry, no judging panel was involved and only 5 customers per entrant was required. All the entrants should be praised for their efforts and for putting themselves in the spotlight for praise and criticism, by their customers. Interestingly some corporations declined to enter despite some nominations from customers and as a spokesperson for the industry I believe this speaks volumes for the entrants of the 2004 Members Choice Awards!" states Raj Wadhwani, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ContactCenterWorld.com.

Ed Miller, President of LumenVox states, "Being a winner in the ContactCenterWorld.com Members' Choice awards means that people have seen for themselves the quality of LumenVox's products and want to recognize them for it. This shows we are on the right track and encourages us to continuously provide products that provide real solutions, right now."

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