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Conceptual Speech and LumenVox Enter
into Agreement for Speech Recognition

Vero Beach, FL and San Diego, CA (JAN 19, 2004) — LumenVox announced today an agreement with Conceptual Speech, LLC www.conceptualspeech.com. Under this agreement, LumenVox will adapt its award winning Speech Engine to meet the requirements for a robust integration within Conceptual Speech's Conceptual Speech Commander product.

LumenVox's Speech Engine is a robust, low-level API designed to slip into any telephony application, in Windows and RedHat Linux 9.0. The Speech Engine allows developers to custom-design their own grammars on the fly, filter out-of-vocabulary words, and modify the engine and grammar performance at run-time. Built-in grammars handle single digits, currency, and natural numbers. The award-winning Engine has been customized to provide detailed phonetic information during speech processing that will aid Conceptual Speech's recognition process.

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