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LumenVox and Elan Speech Partner to
Provide Multilingual Speech-Enabled Solutions

San Diego, CA and Toulouse, France (DEC 6, 2003) — LumenVox LLC, a developer of speech-enabled toolkits and applications and Elan Speech, the worldwide Text-to-Speech provider, announced today their partnership and marketing alliance to deliver high-end speech-enabled applications to enterprises worldwide.

LumenVox's Speech Platform is an intuitive GUI toolkit that allows companies to design, develop, and deploy almost any speech driven application. Acting as a natural extension of any current phone system, LumenVox's Platform can tie into CTI applications in order to access information for the caller or display "screen pops" containing the caller's data to a live representative. Supporting English and Spanish, the Platform enhances companies' communications and provides round-the-clock internal and external telephone support via speech.

With Elan Sayso Text-to-Speech, LumenVox enriches its current speech technology portfolio with a state of the art speech synthesis engine, which has never been so close to a real voice. "LumenVox is excited about the new partnership with Elan Speech," states Chris Lotspeich, Director of Marketing at LumenVox. "We are impressed with the wide selection of high quality TTS languages and voices that Elan Speech will bring to our portfolio."

Elan Sayso™ was developed by Elan Speech for high-end applications and services such as unified messaging, email reading, voice portals, e-marketing, public address, virtual agents and speakers, etc. Elan Sayso now favorably relays the human voice, providing access to information resulting in service optimization and cost reduction.

Already available in 6 languages (US English, Spanish, UK English, German, Italian and French), Elan Sayso golden tones have already been deployed in a number of highly visible services and applications, validating its high-end quality and reliability. Elan Sayso US English speaks with both male and female voices, for enhanced choice, interactivity and personalization of the service.

"Elan Speech is enthusiastic about deploying its Sayso golden tones in US English and Spanish with such a key partner and about contributing to achieve LumenVox's mission to provide powerful, flexible and useful speech products on a very dynamic and speech-addicted market" points out Antoine Kauffeisen, CEO of Elan Speech.

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