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LumenVox Releases Speech Recognition
Engine v3.5 Beta for Linux

San Diego, CA (AUG 19, 2003) — LumenVox announced their release of the Speech Engine v3.5 Beta for Linux, continuing their multi-platform support of advanced speech recognition technology.

The latest version continues to place the power of Linux speech recognition squarely into the hands of Linux users, supporting RedHat Linux versions 9.0 and later. A free 30-day trial is available for evaluation at www.LumenVox.com.

The Speech Engine v3.5 offers dramatically improved performance, as well as support for the Spanish language. In addition to these advancements, the Speech Engine offers developers the ability to quickly and easily stream audio to the engine.

LumenVox allows developers to custom-design their own grammars on-the-fly, filter out-of-vocabulary words, and modify the engine and grammar performance at run-time. Built-in grammars handle single digits, currency, and natural numbers.

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