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LumenVox and NEX form Strategic Collaboration
to Provide Solutions to the Marketplace

San Diego, CA and Tempe, AZ (MAY 6, 2003) — Chris Lotspeich, Director of Marketing at LumenVox announced today that a strategic partnership has been formed between LumenVox and NEX Computing Solutions, Inc., of Tempe, Arizona. "This partnership will allow LumenVox to not only deliver superior Speech Recognition Telephony software products to our customers, but we can now provide turn-key solutions as well. By selecting NEX as one of our authorized and certified hardware partners, our customers can be assured that the computer platforms required to run our software will be certified to perform according to our standards and the expectations of our customers.

This partnership does not require LumenVox customers to purchase and use only computer platforms that are built by NEX. Rather, customers can still make their own choices regarding computer types and brands. However, there is a clear advantage to using NEX computers since NEX's computer configurations have been tested and certified to work flawlessly with LumenVox software products.

Customers choosing to purchase turn-key solutions can be assured that system performance will not be compromised by possible obstacles and challenges associate with hardware and software mismatches and incompatibilities.

"This partnership will not only benefit LumenVox customers," said Jim Domschke, NEX's VP of Operations, "but will also help to continue to promote NEX's position in the marketplace as a premier provider of Speech Recognition Telephony and CTI hardware platforms."

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