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LumenVox Wins TMC™ Labs Innovation Award

San Diego, CA (SEPT 24, 2002) — According to the September 2002 issue of Customer Inter@ction Solutions, LumenVox has solved both the problem of complexity in managing and setting up, as well the problem of cost with their Speech Platform.

LumenVox's Speech Platform is an easy-to-use GUI wrapped around the company's Speech Recognition Engine. was designed with relatively non-technical people in mind, which makes development relatively simple.

The TMC™ Labs Innovation Awards were implemented to honor products that help to carve a new market niche or start a trend. These awards are bestowed on products that are set apart from their competitors due to one or more unique features. The engineers of TMC™ Labs based their award selection criteria on not only innovation, but also on products that will improve customer service and lead to a bottom-line ROI that even the most cost-cutting and stringent CFO will be hard-pressed to ignore. For these reasons, the Speech Platform from LumenVox was selected for a TMC™ Labs Innovation Award.

Since introducing the Speech Platform in February 2001, LumenVox has won three other awards, including CT Expo 2002 Best of Show, Communications Solutions 2002 Best of Show, and TMC™ Labs 2002 Editor's Choice Award.

The winners of the TMC™ Labs Innovation Awards are highlighted in the September 2002 issue of Customer Inter@ction Solutions and on the web at: tmcnet.com.

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