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LumenVox Announces Linux Speech Recognition Engine v2.5

San Diego, CA (JUNE 11, 2002) — LumenVox announces the availability of their Speech Recognition Engine v2.5. This new version provides developers more flexibility by being compatible with both Linux and Windows platforms. The LumenVox Speech Engine is the new standard for price, quality and flexibility within the speech recognition market.

Enterprises and service providers are given more operating platform choices with the inclusion of Linux. The Speech Engine v2.5 now supports Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP Pro, and Linux Red Hat 7.2, with more versions of Linux being added in the future.

Other improvements include; improved word confidence values, faster out-of-vocabulary filters, as well as improved built-in grammars. LumenVox's Engine was designed to be easily integrated into any currently existing application. It has a low level API set, that recognizes audio data from any source.

The Speech Engine's grammars offer unprecedented flexibility and power. The recognition is order independent with an automatic out-of-vocabulary filter. The grammars are run-time defined with each grammar able to contain 2000+ recognition words or phrases. Available built-in grammars handle digits, currency and natural numbers. The Engine will automatically produce pronunciation for any word not currently in the over 120,000 word dictionary.

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