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LumenVox Wins Best of Show

San Diego, CA (MAY 28, 2002) — LumenVox, a provider of speech recognition technologies, announced that their Speech Platform and Speech Recognition Engine was named "Best of Show" at Communications Solutions 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts. Communications Solutions EXPO was sponsored by TMC's Internet Telephony, CustomerInter@ction Solutions, and Planet PDA magazines.

According to Rich Tehrani, president of TMC and Communications Solutions™ Expo conference co-chairman, "LumenVox, and their innovative Speech Platform and Speech Recognition Engine, are a stand-out indication of the depth of innovation and solutions in the enterprise communications, CRM and contact center industry. Their innovation and commitment to quality attracted serious prospects to their booth. Attendees know they'll find solutions in the LumenVox booth that can help them in their businesses today."

The Speech Platform is designed to answer any common question your customers may have, or act as an automated call router. Anyone can set-up and use the system in a matter of days. Key features include natural language, multi-level, overview, and Custom Actions dll to access databases.

The Speech Platform also includes LumenVox's Speech Recognition Engine as the foundation. The Speech Engine, available in Windows and Linux, has a low level API set, that is order independent and an automatic out-of-vocabulary filter. The Engine will automatically produce pronunciations for any word not currently in the 120,000 plus word dictionary.

"Editors from Customer Inter@ction Solutions® magazine met with exhibitors and tried out new products, noting the very best of Communications Solutions™ Expo Boston 2002," said conference co-chairman Marc Robins. "Judging was based on a company's overall contributions to the enterprise communications, CRM and contact center industry, with an emphasis on technological innovation and product feature sets. Forward-looking products and services designed to aid in the development of the next generation of communications solutions were also awarded."

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