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LumenVox Wins Best of Show

San Diego, CA (APRIL 16, 2002) — LumenVox, a provider of speech recognition technologies, announced that their Speech Platform was named "Best of Show" at the 11th Annual CT Expo in Los Angeles, California. CT Expo was sponsored by CMP Media, LLC, and focuses on converging communications technologies.

Communications Convergence editors stated, "The Speech Platform is a GUI-based, property-table-oriented Windows development tool, wrapped around their (LumenVox's) Speech Engine. The Platform lets relatively non-technical (or at least, non-telephony — and/or non-speech-rec-oriented) developers produce and deploy simple applications that play menus, permit voice navigation, and connect with back-end SQL databases and transaction systems." The editors also said, "The GUI looks straightforward."

The Speech Platform, is designed to answer any common question your customers may have, or act as an automated call router. Anyone can set-up and use the system in a matter of days by completing three easy steps. Simply type in the keywords, record the answers, connect it to your phone system, and then reap the rewards of providing support and information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some key features include: natural language, which allows callers to speak more naturally by combining a pool of "non-critical phrases" with secondary items for further clarification; multi-level, that allows for a series of questions to be asked that is dependent on the question before; and overview, which allows for a long introductory or explanatory sound file, that can be interrupted with extended explanations, then returns to the original sound file, where the caller had left off.

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