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LumenVox Announces their Speech Platform

San Diego, CA (FEB 27, 2002) — LumenVox, a provider of speech recognition technologies announced the availability of their Speech Platform v2.1, averaging at just $250 per port! The Platform sets the new standard for price, quality and flexibility within the speech recognition market. There is a completely free, single-port system available for download from the LumenVox website, which is located at www.LumenVox.com. Anyone can interact with a live demonstration by calling toll-free (877) 977-0707.

The Speech Platform is a speech recognition application designed to answer any common question your customers may have, or to act as an automated call router. Anyone can set-up and use the system in a matter of days by completing three easy steps. Simply type in the keywords, record the answers, connect it to your phone system, and then reap the rewards of providing support and information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GUI interface is user friendly and has an easy to use call flow display that allows you to visually track how a caller would navigate through your future speech recognition application.

Necessary tools to create, deploy, and manage your application are provided, which makes project creation a snap. Included within the tools are a detailed and easy to use Help System and a Tutorial.

Some key features include: natural language, which allows callers to speak more naturally by combining a pool of "non-critical phrases" with secondary items for further clarification; multi-level, that allows for a series of questions to be asked that is dependent on the question before; and overview, that allows for a long introductory or explanatory sound file, that can be interrupted with extended explanations, then returns to the original sound file, where the caller had left off.

The foundation of and included in the Platform is LumenVox's Speech Recognition Engine. The Speech Engine has a low level API set that is order independent and an automatic out-of-vocabulary filter. The Engine will automatically produce pronunciations for any word not currently in the 120,000 plus word dictionary.

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