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Multifactor Authentication

More is More


More Satisfaction

Create a better customer experience by offering seamless authentication.

More Secure

Give your customers and employees added convenience with multiple options to authenticate themselves.


More Secure

Multi-modal biometrics and multifactor authentication provide strong authentication and powerful fraud prevention.

More Efficient

Reduce the time it takes to authenticate your customers by utilizing secure passive and seamless technology.

Authentication for Any Situation



Something You Know

Password / PIN, Knowledge Based Authentication, Authentication against Active Directory, LDAP, SAT, etc.

Something You Have

Possession Based (PBA), Outbound Email, Outbound Phone Call, Outbound SMS / Text, Mobile Application, Inbound Caller ID

Something You Are

Voice Biometrics

The Power of Choice

LumenVox gives you and your customers a choice by providing best-of-breed technology from each of the authentication methods available today. By combining “something you have” with “something you know”, with “something you are”, you can achieve a highly accurate, secure, and cost-effective authentication solution.


Ideal CX

LumenVox Multifactor Authentication is designed to promote an ideal customer experience.


Reduced Risk of Fraud

Additional factors more accurately verify claimed identities.

Be Confident You Are Authenticating Your Customers While Preventing Access to the Bad Guys

Recent data breaches have exposed over half of American adults personal information, making it easy for those with bad intent to use social engineering for account access and potential account takeovers. Organizations today need multifactor authentication (MFA) to provide customers with confidence that their accounts and personal information are safe, without sacrificing an excellent customer experience.

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