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Increasingly, these days, applications are finding their way from traditional premise-based installations into a variety of hosted, cloud-based and even hybrid architectures. This is occurring for a number of reasons – one is to help users eliminate the single points of failure in systems and data centers, so that if one machine or data center fails, total functionality is not lost. Another is ability to more cost effectively load balance and consolidate system resources and others choose it because it eliminates the need to manage a stack of systems on premise and some choose the cloud based systems to scale quickly and easily.

The same thinking is being applied within the Speech industry, where more and more applications are migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Since our beginnings in 2001, LumenVox has designed our products to have a completely modular and distributed architecture, allowing the various speech resources to be installed on a number of different machines. This enables users to seamlessly migrate their applications to a cloud-based environment with minimal changes to configuration. In addition, virtualized environments, including Virtual Machines (VMs) are now commonly being used in many applications, allowing users to create new instances of servers based on failure conditions, or in response to increased usage. The larger, more demanding applications we see deployed today often rely on this type of robust architecture to supply their production requirements. LumenVox software is ideally suited for these types of environments and has supported them for some time.

At the beginning of 2012, we embarked on the significant effort to migrate our legacy product licensing to a new mechanism Flexible Licensing System (Flex) that enables modern cloud-based and virtualized configurations. Earlier this year, LumenVox successfully completed migration of all of our subscription-based customers over to the new Flex mechanism and was widely heralded by our customers as fast, easy and flexible.

The Flexible Licensing mechanism customers can oversubscribe to their licensing and peak above what they have purchased. Just like the benefit of cloud computing which grows and contracts on demand, one can easily scale up additional LumenVox ports instantly when necessary and only when needed. Ultimately we believe that it is important to allow customers to mix and match a variety of licensing schemes to suit their needs at that moment.

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