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1 Downloading the Tuner

To download the software: Login to your account. Click on Your Software Downloads. You may then download a copy of the Speech Tuner. Once you have downloaded your files, proceed to Installing the Tuner.

2 Installing the Tuner

You must have administrative privileges in order to install the Speech Tuner. Run the Tuner installation file you downloaded from the LumenVox Web site. The installation wizard will start and prompt you to choose a "complete" or "custom" installation. Most…

3 Licensing the Tuner

Speech Tuner Licensing In order to start the Tuner, you will need to have a "Speech Tuner" license available in your listed License Server(s). Speech Tuner licenses are sold on an annual subscription basis, and as such need to be renewed each year in order…

4 Upgrading the Tuner

LumenVox releases regular updates to its products, which you are able to use according to your license maintenance. Speech Tuner licenses are sold on an annual basis, which means you will need to renew them each year in order to continue using the software.…