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1 LVParseTree Construction, Assignment and Destruction

LVParseTree objects are fully copyable and assignable. Functions LVParseTree() LVParseTree(const LVParseTree& Other) LVParseTree& operator = (const LVParseTree& Other) ~LVParseTree() Parameters Other The LVParseTree object being copied Remarks…

2 LVParseTree::Begin and LVParseTree::End

Begin and End provide iterators for visiting every node in the tree in a top-to-bottom, left-to-right descent. It is the basis for the Tag and Terminal iterators. Functions LVParseTree::Iterator Begin() LVParseTree::Iterator End() Example The following code…

3 LVParseTree::GrammarLabel

Returns the name of the grammar that generated this tree. Function const char* GrammarLabel( ) Remarks GrammarLabel( ) will always return the name of one of the grammars you activated for decode. It will be the name of the grammar that matched the speakers…

4 LVParseTree::Language

Returns the language identifier of the grammar that generated this tree. Function const char* Language() Returns An RFC 3066 language identifier, such as "en-US" for United States English, or "fr" for French. See Also LVParseTree_GetLanguage (C API)

5 LVParseTree::Mode

Returns the interaction mode that created the tree. Function const char* Mode(void) Returns "voice" or "dtmf" See Also LVParseTree_GetMode (C API)

6 LVParseTree::Root

Gets the root parse tree node. Function LVParseTree::Node Root(); Return Values An LVParseTree::Node object representing the top level rule of the matching grammar. Remarks This node will always be a rule node (i.e will always satisfy Tree.Root().IsRule()…

7 LVParseTree::TagFormat

Returns the name of the tag format declared in the matching grammar for this tree. Function const char* TagFormat(void) See Also LVParseTree_GetTagFormat (C API)

8 LVParseTree::TagsBegin and LVParseTree::TagsEnd

TagsBegin and TagsEnd provide iterators for visiting the tags in the tree's body. Function LVParseTree::TagIterator TagsBegin() LVParseTree::TagIterator TagsEnd() Example The following code prints out every tag in a parse tree. LVParseTree :: TagIterator…

9 LVParseTree::TerminalsBegin and LVParseTree::TerminalsEnd

TerminalsBegin and TerminalsEnd provide access to the "terminals" of the tree. Terminals are the words and phrases in your grammar, so a TerminalIterator gives you access the the exact words the engine heard a speaker say to match a grammar, in the order…