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Media Server and MRCP Problems

1 486 Busy Here Messages

When using the LumenVox Media Server with an MRCP-enabled voice platform, you may sometimes see messages like the following in your media_server_app.txt log file (or in a packet capture): RTSP/1.0 486 Busy Here CSeq: 0 Content-Length: 98 v=0 o=- 1234 5678…

2 Capturing Network Traffic

Often, when trying to diagnose connectivity issue when working with the LumenVox Media Server, or any application that uses network connectivity to interact with other servers, it can be helpful to check the network traffic that is going between machines.…

3 Media Server Not Responding

If you are attempting to use the LumenVox Media Server with an MRCP platform and getting no response, there are several common causes: The Media Server may not be running. Have you verified that the proper services are running? There may be a firewall blocking…