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Introduction to Troubleshooting

1 Sending Data to LumenVox

Occasionally, when debugging an installation, it is necessary to send information to the LumenVox team. This information may include log files, notes, network traces or Response Files. This article describes some steps you can easily take to help in getting…

2 Verifying Basic Functionality

Note: With the release of LumenVox version 14.1 in February 2016, a more comprehensive and easier to use set of tools was integrated into our Dashboard Diagnostics page, which is now the recommended tool to verify basic functionality following installation.…

3 Verifying Services Are Running

When troubleshooting LumenVox software, an early step is to ensure that each LumenVox process is running. A typical LumenVox installation consists of one or more of the following components: LumenVox License Server Used for hosting licenses. LumenVox Media…