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Other Log Files

1 ASR Server Log

The asr_server_app.txt contains information from the ASR server. For the most part, the information in this log is advanced information. Here is an example of a decode sequence from the log: 12/18/2012 15:37:14.519,INFO,DecodeTask::Cre,[CSP_1355873834_519_11]Received…

2 LumenVox API Log

The LVSpeechPortAPILog.txt file is advanced log that contains every call made into the LumenVox API. With full verbosity, it also includes the returns from those functions (0 or greater indicates success; a negative number indicates a failure). It makes it…

3 TTS Server Log

Much like the asr_server_app.txt log, the tts_server_app.txt log contains information about the inner workings of the TTS Server. Here is an example log of a synthesis: 12/19/2012 11:00:15.887,INFO,TTS1_Synthesize,Processing Synthesize Request: Test 12/19/2012…