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Encrypting MRCP v2

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Beginning with Lumenvox version 18.0, encrypting MRCP audio and messages is supported when using MRCP v2.  This is done using the SIPS protocol to establish encryption for a new MRCP session using standard TLS methodology.  The MRCP messages are encrypted using TLS.  The audio traffic is encrypted using the SRPT protocol.

The SIPS begins on a different port than standard MRCP, the default value is 5061.  see sips_port

Public key certificates need to be specified for both SIPS and MRCPvs/TLS.  By default, self signed certificates created during installation are used, alternate certificates should be specifed via configuration.   see sips_ssl_cert_file  and  mrcp_tls_cert_file

If desired, the allowed encryption ciphers can be limited via configuration   see sips_cipher_list  and  mrcp_tls_cipher_list