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UCCE Simple Integration Test

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In order to test that LumenVox has been properly installed and integrated with the Cisco UCCE system, you can download and deploy this "HelloWorld_ASR_TTS" application which was created with Cisco Unified Call Studio. In addition, you will also need to download and import the HelloWorld_ASR_TTS.ICMS script into the Cisco Unified ICM/CCE/CCH Script Editor.

This UCCE sample application uses LumenVox speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS). It uses LumenVox TTS to synthesize the following "If you can hear this prompt, please confirm by saying, yes", then it uses the LumenVox ASR to detect input. If "yes" is detected then the following TTS synthesis takes place "You have successfully set up Cisco to work with LumenVox ASR and TTS,  Thank you! Goodbye."

The application and script can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The instruction below will guide you through the process of deploying the application from Cisco Unified Call Studio to the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal and to  load the application in the Cisco Unified ICM script editor.


Deploying The Application To The CVP OAMP Server

From the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal server menu bar, choose Bulk Administration > File Transfer > VXML Application. This will open the File Transfer - VXML Applications page.

  • Select the available CVP VXML server that you want to deploy the application to
  • Browse to the location of the file and select the file
  • Click Transfer to upload the application 
  • Click Yes to confirm the transfer
  • Click the File Transfer Status to make sure that the application has successfully transferred. The status should be success.

Importing  The ICM Script

From the Cisco Unified ICM/CCE/CCH Script Editor menu, choose File > Import Script. This will open the Select Script to Import dialog window.

  • Browse to the location and select the HelloWorld_ASR_TTS.ICMS script that was previously downloaded
  • Configured a Dialed Number for the application

Once the application is deployed to the Cisco CVP server and the script is imported to Cisco Unified ICM/CCE/CCH server, call into the system and test the application.

HelloWorld_ASR_TTS.ICMS 2.4 Kb Download File 12.1 Kb Download File