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This message type is sent to all registered TRAP_SERVERS at the specified HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL. When this HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL is set to 0 (the default), no heartbeat messages will be sent.

This notification type is sent with INFO severity and does not include a CorrelationID field (since it is not an alarm or a clear notification). A count of the current heartbeats sent is sent within the lvTrapAdditionText field.

Specified TRAP_SERVERS can be configured to expect these trap notifications, and if no heartbeat is received within a certain time period, this can be used to indicate a failure of the LumenVox server, or LumenVox Manager Service – either of which should be investigated.

Third-Party SNMP tools (SNMP Managers) installed on the configured TRAP_SERVERS can be configured to expect these periodic messages, and if these are not received, they can generate an alarm indicating that the LumenVox server is no longer communicating. The implementation of the remote end of this heartbeat mechanism is not something provided by LumenVox, so users are encouraged to explore this capability in their own SNMP monitoring software.