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CDR Logging

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Introduced with LumenVox 15.0.100 was a new method of logging Call Detail Records (CDRs) associated with Media Server sessions.

This new log is automatically generated when the Media Server is running and creates a summary of each MRCP session that is processed to a new file in the LVLOGS folder named media_server_cdr.txt.

The format of this log file is Comma Separated Variables (.csv), which can be imported into a spreadsheet or database application as needed. An example CDR log file is shown below with a header to indicate the type of data contained in each column. Note that this column header does not appear in the actual log file.

As can be seen from this sample, there are subtle differences in formatting between MRCPv1 and MRCPv2 sessions, as well as between sessions using ASR and TTS resources.

Each column describes a unique characteristic of the session, as described in this table:






Session End


End time of the session




Type of session (SIP or RTSP)


Call Index


Internal numerical index of the session


Session ID


Call-ID or Session identifier string


Session Start


Start of session time




Duration of session (milliseconds)


Server IP


Media Server's IP address


Client IP


Client's IP address




Server end of the audio  (RTP Port)




Client end of the audio (RTP Port)




MRCP port being used (or ephemeral port used when Type is RTSP)




Session Logging-Tags set for ASR / TTS (if any are present at the end of the session)


License Info


Summary of ASR / TTS licenses used during the session, separated by semicolons


OPTION and DESCRIBE sessions

Note that you may notice in the CDR log short-lived sessions that do not appear to use any ASR or TTS resources. This is quite normal, and is generally the result of OPTIONS or DESCRIBE requests that are being sent from the client to the LumenVox Media Server in order to determine service connectivity or the availability of certain resources.

Sample Files

Below are some sample files that may be helpful in understanding the format of these CDR logs. The CDR-Headers.csv file is not generated by the Media Server and is only provided here to help when reading these logs, or when importing them to a spreadsheet or database type application.

CDR-Headers.csv 148 b Download File
media_server_cdr.txt 783 b Download File