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What languages are supported?

See Working With Languages for our list of currently-supported languages.

Can LumenVox support language X?

LumenVox can localize/customize the products to the extent that we can add in different languages for speech recognition. There are two ways to do this:

The first option is very fast and easy to implement. Phonetically spell the (for example) Spanish words using the English phone set. For example, the Spanish word "maƱana" can be entered {M AO N Y AO N AE}. See Adding Foreign Words for more information on entering raw phonemes as phrases.

The second option requires a couple of items and more time. Basically, LumenVox needs:

  • Lots of audio data in the target language; the amount can vary from a minimum of 10 hours for male and 10 for female (20 total) for small vocabularies (10 -15 words), to as much as can be collected.
  • The same audio data, transcribed as text.
  • A machine-readable dictionary in the target language.

The first option is quite easy to implement, but loses some accuracy across very large vocabularies because the target language's sound inventory is different from the English inventory. The second option takes more time and energy to produce, but is quite a bit more accurate.

As a first step, phonetically spell each word so that your organization can test and deploy the application. Then, once you have collected enough audio data, LumenVox can train native language models so you could stop using the English models entirely.

With some work, LumenVox could adapt the Speech Engine itself so that it displays in a different language, but that is a special case situation.