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Registering the Flexible License Server

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To register your LumenVox Flexible License Server with the hosted License Nodes, you need to copy your Server Key from the portal to the configuration file on the server.  The configuration file is called license_server.conf.

In the license_server.conf file:

  • Make sure the value FLEXIBLE_LICENSING_MODE is set to 1
  • Make sure the value LICENSE_SERVER_GUID is set to the Server Key value
    Note that the curly braces around the license key need to be included in the config file text. 

The License Key is often referred to as the License GUID.  These terms are interchangeable.

Server GUIDs

Please note that GUID values must be unique per server, and should not be used on multiple machines. Each individual license server instance requires its own unique Server ID (and related licenses)

If multiple machines need to be configured to use flexible licensing (requiring additional flexible License GUIDs), users should contact LumenVox Technical Support for assistance.

Similarly, if License GUIDs need to be reassigned or the distribution of licenses adjusted to other License Server machines, users should again contact LumenVox Technical Support for assistance with this.

You then need to restart the License Server service:

  • On Linux this can be accomplished via the command sudo service lvlicensed restart.
  • On Windows you will need to go to Services and restart the Lumenvox License Server service.

It should then automatically register using the Server Key.  You can check the dashboard to verify everything worked.

More Information on the Dashboard

Go to Dashboard's Licensing tab.

You should see a list of installed licenses.  If not, you can press the Resync Info button to force an immediate re-synchronization with the LumenVox Flexible Licensing Nodes, located around the Internet.

  • If you do not see a  Resync Info button, you have not setup the configuration file correctly, make sure you have the setting FLEXIBLE_LICENSING_MODE = in license_server.conf.
    In some rare cases, a reboot is required after changing license_server.conf.
  • The list of licenses shown in the dashboard may not appear to match the licenses you purchased.  This is because it is essentially showing sub-license components.  In the example above, 5 ports of Tier 3 US English licenses were purchased.  The language and tier components of those licenses are listed separately.
  • The Go To Website button will take you to the LumenVox Flexible Licensing portal.
Note that no individual call details, or personally identifiable information is passed during any exchanges between License Servers and the Flexible Licensing Nodes in the Internet - only summary license usage information is sent, and in return an updated list of available licenses for that server is returned.