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Event Log Reference

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The Event Log View within the Speech Tuner shows the contents of the LVApp_Tuner.log, which records high-level actions performed by the Speech Tuner.

If you need to view more detail than is shown in this log, please review the ASR, TTS or other logs that available via the Dashboard.

Sections in a Log Entry

There are 4 sections / columns in a log message:

  1. Time
    • Contains the time stamp when the log entry was created. Multi-line log entries show up with a time stamp for the first line only.
  2. Type
    • There are 7 types of messages that can be logged:

           LogDebug - Debug

           LogInfo - Info

           LogWarn - Warn

           LogError - Error

           LogSend - Send

           LogReceive - Receive

           LogCritical - Critical

  3. ID
    • Contains an identifier that allows LumenVox Support to quickly identify the state of the process when the log entry was generated.
  4. Message
    • Contains the message that is logged in the entry.


Filtering Log Messages

There are icons for each Log Entry type at the bottom of the Event View window. Having these icons selected displays logs of that Log Entry type. Unselecting a Log Entry type filters out that Log Entry type. There may be multiple filters selected.

Again, the Speech Tuner logs on very high-level detail information when processing data. Since there is a Speech Port communicating with and ASR Server, TTS Server and License Server also associated with the Speech Tuner, logs from those other components are often useful when reviewing any specific issues related to running the Speech Tuner.