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Marker Toolbar Mapping Dialog

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The Marker Toolbar Mapping Dialog is used to reconfigure the Marker Toolbar that appears towards the top of the Transcriber View.

Starting with LumenVox version 13.0, this dialog window allows users to specify the tag or marker associated with each of the Marker Toolbar buttons, and their corresponding Function Keys (in the range F2 to F11).

Function Keys

Each Function Key in the F2 to F11 range has a corresponding button on the Marker Toolbar, however the Speech Tuner will only display as many as can safely fit into the current width of your window, while always allowing space for the Quickmap button (which is always visible). If you expand the width of your Speech Tuner window, you will see more buttons than if you reduce the width. Regardless of whether the button are visible, the corresponding Function Keys will continue to work. 

Using the dropdown lists beside each of the Function Key (and therefore Toolbar button) markers, you can choose from one of the available tags/markers. For example, if you wanted to assign the "Click" tag to the F2 key and corresponding Toolbar button, you would select it from the dropdown list beside the F2 Key / Button, at the top left of the dialog window.

Quickmap Button

The Quickmap button appears at the the far right of the Marker Toolbar, and performs a number of useful functions...

There is a dropdown menu associated with the button, which can be used to quickly access all available tags / markers that can be inserted. Also on this dropdown menu is the option to open this Marker Toolbar Mapping Dialog, so that Toolbar settings can be reconfigured.

In addition to the dropdown menu, clicking on the Quickmap Button will insert the marker it is currently displaying. This marker will be assigned in one of two ways, depending on the mode that the button is configured for, as shown in the Quickmap Button Behavior section above.

Track last used markers (default)

This default mode will assign any marker to the Quickmap button that is used and is not currently displayed on one of the Toolbar buttons. This is handy if you are frequently using a certain marker repeatedly, without wanting to permanently reconfigure the toolbar settings. If you use multiple markers in this way, the latest one used will be assigned.

Always assigned to marker

This mode allows you to always assign a specific marker to the Quickmap button, thus allowing you to have another fixed-value button available on the toolbar. 

Reset Defaults

To restore the Toolbar assignments (including the Quickmap Button) to their defaults, you can select the Reset Defaults option at the bottom left.