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Transcribing Wizard

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In order to get the most effectiveness out of the Tuning Wizard, it is important to have a large quantity of transcripts. Transcripts are used by the Tuner to calculate accuracy, out-of-grammar utterances, out-of-coverage items, and to perform confidence threshold tuning. If you have not transcribed all of the speech interactions in your data set, using Tuning Wizard will result in the following message:

You may choose to ignore this message by simply clicking Next, but we strongly encourage you to take the time to improve your tuning results by clicking the Transcribe More Data... button (to read about why a sizable quantity of transcribed data is so important, please see our free whitepaper Collecting Data for Speech Tuning).

Once you click Transcribe More Data... you will be able to select a menu and one or more grammar set(s) to focus on, and you will then be asked how many utterances you would like to transcribe.

Using the slider, you can adjust the amount of utterances you plan to transcribe. The recommended number to transcribe appears in the center of the screen, just above the slider. In most cases, it is probably best to simply accept the recommendation.

Once you have done this, you will be taken to the Transcriber utility to begin transcribing your data. Upon completing the appropriate number of transcripts, the Tuning Wizard will pop up, bringing you to the Select Issues to Analyze page.