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Deprecated: Call Indexer

As of version 16.0.100, the Call Indexer service was removed. All users are advised to discontinue use of this service, either by uninstalling it, or permanently disabling it.

The LumenVox Call Indexer is a service that can be configured to scan for new Response (.callsre) Files generated by LumenVox ASR and TTS interactions.

The following are parameter settings that can be applied to the LumenVox Call Indexer. They can be controlled via the call_indexer.conf file, located in the config directory of the Windows LumenVox installation folder. By default, this location is C:\Program Files\Lumenvox\Engine\config\.

In Linux, edit the call_indexer.conf file in /etc/lumenvox/.


This section contains global configuration settings for the LumenVox Call Indexer


Description:  The interval in milliseconds between internal scan cycles. It is recommended that you do not adjust this without discussing with LumenVox Support

Default: 86400000  ( one day )


Description:  The maximum number of files to scan per loop. The higher this number is, the more potential CPU resources may be used while scanning for callsre files.

Default: 10000


Description:  The scan priority, and how aggressively it will use CPU resources while scanning for callsre files.

  • 0 = Low CPU usage
  • 1 = Normal CPU usage
  • 2 = Above normal CPU usage

Default: 0  ( low CPU usage ) 


Description:  Port Number used by the Call Indexer to listen for connecting Speech Tuner connections

Default: 7595