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Media Server Not Responding

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If you are attempting to use the LumenVox Media Server with an MRCP platform and getting no response, there are several common causes:

  • The Media Server may not be running. Have you verified that the proper services are running?
  • There may be a firewall blocking traffic. Try turning off iptables or the Windows Firewall temporarily and see if that resolves the problem.
  • Make sure that the RTSP or SIP ports you are sending SETUP/INVITE messages to are correctly specified in the Media Server config file (the defaults are 554 and 5060).
  • Make sure that the Media Server was able to bind to those ports by setting logging verbosity to 3, restarting the Media Server, and checking the Media Server log file (look for lines that start with several equal signs, like =====, as those indicate a restart).
  • Try running LVShowConfig or SimpleMRCPClient to see if they also fail.
  • As always, check for the existence of any critical log files.

If you are getting traffic but still can't establish a session, see our article on troubleshooting 486 Busy Here messages.

If you have tried all of this and still cannot get the Media Server to respond, please contact LumenVox support.