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Problems Loading or Using Grammars

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The Grammar Editor in the LumenVox Speech Tuner is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting problems loading or compiling grammars. Attempting to parse an input against a grammar in the Grammar Editor will provide information about syntax errors, often providing the exact line and column where the problem exists. Verifying that a grammar loads, compiles, and parses in the Tuner is an important first step in troubleshooting any grammar issue.

The LumenVox logs will also generally provide clues about grammar problems (if logging verbosity is turned up). Generally speaking, you should find grammar load failures logged out in the Media Server log and/or the LV Speech Port API log. Those logs will contain error strings and a description of the problem, such as:

    • This indicates there is a syntax issue that did not prevent compilation. Use the Speech Tuner for more information.
    • There was a syntax error that prevented grammar compilation. Use the Speech Tuner for more information.
    • If you are using a Tier 1 or Tier 2 license, you are limited in the total number of words allowed across all active grammars at any time. Either upgrade to Tier 3 or higher licenses, or else reduce the vocabulary you are using. Contact LumenVox Support or LumenVox Sales for more information about licensing restrictions.
    • Your grammar contains a language for which you have not installed the acoustic model or for which there is no acoustic model. See Working With Languages for more details.
    • The grammar load exceeded the timeout specified in client_property.conf (default 20 seconds). Only the largest and most complex grammars should trigger this; you may wish to consider precompiled grammars if this is an issue.