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Deprecated - Connector Bridge

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Deprecated Content

This page refers to outdated, obsolete, or deprecated products or software. This is provided for historical reference for users of older releases. If you are a new user, please refer to the current Asterisk-LumenVox MRCP Modules for up-to-date product information.

The LumenVox Speech Engine communicates with Asterisk via a "connector bridge." It's an Asteriskmodule called res_speech_lumenvox that ties into Asterisk's generic Speech API (the Asteriskmodules res_speech and app_speech_utils).

The connector bridge is included with Asterisk Business Edition, but users of Asterisk Open Source need toinstall it. It can be downloaded as a tarball from the LumenVox Web site. Login to your account at and chooseYour Software Downloads.

There are various versions of the connector bridge depending onwhich version of Asterisk you use from 1.8 and forward.Download the packageappropriate for your version of Asterisk. The connector bridge package includesthe files README, lumenvox.conf and

Each build of the connector contains in its name the version of LumenVox and Asterisk it is built for. Soa build of the connector for LumenVox 10.2 built against Asterisk 1.8.4 would be named:res_speech_lumenvox-1.8.4_1.0.28-lumenvox-10.2-x86_32.tar.gz

Connectors are generally built by Digium for the very latest supported releases of Asterisk. It is highlyrecommended that you be on the latest stable and released version of Asterisk.

Also, there is sometimes a delay between a new LumenVox release and a new build of the connector bridge. In thatcase, the most recent connector bridge will generally work.

Installing the connector

  1. Extract the tarball by typing tar -xvzf filename where filename is the name of the connector bridge tar file. This will create a new directory;move into that directory.
  2. Move to /usr/lib/asterisk/modules by typingmv ./ /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/
  3. Move lumenvox.conf to /etc/asterisk:mv ./lumenvox.conf /etc/asterisk/lumenvox.conf
  4. Change lumenvox.conf to reflect your grammars and settings.
  5. Edit modules.conf in /etc/asterisk/ to ensure that you are loading (the generic speech API) and Notethat must be loaded first, as shown below:
    load =>
    load =>
  6. Edit /etc/lumenvox/client_property.conf and set MODULE_STARTUP_MODE = 1 (the default is 0).

Once the connector is installed and configured, you may move on totesting the installation.

The latest connector bridges will only work with Asterisk 1.8 and higher.