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Installing the License Server on a Virtual Machine

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Starting with LumenVox 11.0, the License Server should install on a virtual machine without issue, provided it has a valid MAC address (the MAC address must not be a string of zeroes). Older versions of the LumenVox License Server may refuse to install on a VM. If this is the case, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade to version 11.0 or newer.
  2. Install the License Server on physical hardware. The rest of the LumenVox stack can run in a VM environment, it was only the License Server that had issues.


Now that users have migrated from the older "Legacy" licensing system to our new Flexible Licensing, installing the LumenVox License Server on a virtual machine is significantly easier, so the above text is deprecated. When using Flexible Licensing, the License Server will simply perform the same way that a physical machine performs, so there is no need for any special consideration when working with Virtual Machines. 

The same EULA policies apply when running multiple instances of License Servers, in that only a single License Server instance may use a unique License Server GUID at any time. If multiple redundant License Servers are needed, then individual License GUIDs should be obtained for each. Contact your LumenVox Sales Manager for details.