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Synthesizer STOP

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The STOP method from the client to the server tells the resource to stop speaking if it is speaking something.

The STOP request can be sent with an active-request-id-list header field to stop the zero or more specific SPEAK requests that may be in queue and return a response code of 200(Success).  If no active-request-id-list header field is sent in the STOP request, it will terminate all outstanding SPEAK requests.

If a STOP request successfully terminated one or more PENDING or IN-PROGRESS SPEAK requests, then the response message body contains an active-request-id-list header field listing the SPEAK request-ids that were terminated.  Otherwise, there will be no active-request-id-list header field in the response.  No SPEAK-COMPLETE events will be sent for these terminated requests.

If a SPEAK request that was IN-PROGRESS and speaking was stopped, the next pending SPEAK request, if any, would become IN-PROGRESS and move to the speaking state.

MRCPV1 STOP Example:

  C->S:  SPEAK 543258 MRCP/1.0

         <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <sentence>You have 4 new messages.</sentence>
            <sentence>The first is from <say-as
            type="name">Stephanie Williams</say-as>
            and arrived at <break/>
            <say-as type="time">3:45pm</say-as>.</sentence>

            <sentence>The subject is <prosody
            rate="0.8">ski trip</prosody></sentence>

  S->C:  MRCP/1.0 543258 200 IN-PROGRESS

  C->S:  STOP 543259 200 MRCP/1.0

  S->C:  MRCP/1.0 543259 200 COMPLETE

MRCPV2 STOP Example:

  C->S:  MRCP/2.0 ... SPEAK 543258

         <?xml version="1.0"?>
           <speak version="1.0"
             <s>You have 4 new messages.</s>
             <s>The first is from Stephanie Williams and arrived at
                <say-as interpret-as="vxml:time">0342p</say-as>.</s>
             <s>The subject is
                 <prosody rate="0.8">ski trip</prosody></s>

  S->C:  MRCP/2.0 ... 543258 200 IN-PROGRESS

  C->S:  MRCP/2.0 ... STOP 543259

  S->C:  MRCP/2.0 ... 543259 200 COMPLETE