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This request is sent from the client to the recognizer resource when it knows that a kill-on-barge-in prompt has finished playing.  This is useful in the scenario when the recognition and synthesizer engines are not in the same session.  When a kill-on-barge-in prompt is being played, the client may want a RECOGNIZE request to be simultaneously active so that it can detect and implement kill-on-barge-in.  But at the same time the client doesn't want the recognizer to start the no-input timers until the prompt is finished.  The Start-Input-Timers header field in the RECOGNIZE request allows the client to say whether or not the timers should be started immediately.  If not, the recognizer resource will not start the timers until the client sends a START-INPUT-TIMERS method to the recognizer resource.

Note that this is an MRCPv2 method, and should not be confused with the similar RECOGNITION-START-TIMERS method belonging to MRCPv1, which performs a similar function.


C->S:  MRCP/2.0 ... START-INPUT-TIMERS 543260

S->C:  MRCP/2.0 ... 543260 200 COMPLETE