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LV_SRE_GetRawTextDecoded (Removed)

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Note: Rather than using concept/phrase grammars, LumenVox encourages the use of SRGS grammars. SRGS grammars provide a standards-based method of creating grammars that is more robust and easier to troubleshoot than concept/phrase grammars. See our SRGS tutorial for more information on working with SRGS grammars.

Returns the decoded raw text (without BNF formatting) found in the last call to Decode.


  • const char* LV_SRE_GetRawTextDecoded(HPORT hport,int VoiceChannel, int Index);

Return Values

A null-terminated string representing the decoded raw text.



The voice channel to process.


The recognition position of the decoded raw text.


LV_SRE_GetRawTextDecoded is used to get the words as decoded by our recognizer, before performing semantic interpretation. In most cases, we discourage the use of this function in favor of LV_SRE_GetInterpretationInputString(); however, there are certain cases in which a valid decode result is returned that has no interpretation, such as an incomplete or out-of-grammar result. In these cases, LV_SRE_GetRawTextDecoded is the only way to access such results. 

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