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Deprecated - Configuration Files

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Deprecated Content

This page refers to outdated, obsolete, or deprecated products or software. This is provided for historical reference for users of older releases. Please see our Current Asterisk Documentation.

Many LumenVox settings are controlled by several configuration files. Most of these contain functionalitythat is also exposed by our API, but using the configuration files is a useful way to alter settingswithout altering application code.

These files are placed in /etc/lumenvox/ by default.

Each application has its own configuration file, and the Speech Engine has both a client configurationand a server configuration(this affects the actual Speech Engine process that performs decodes).

There is a master configuration file called lumenvox_settings.conf thatcontrols a number of general settings, including the name and location of each individual configurationfile. This lumenvox_settings.conf file must be placed in /etc/lumenvox/ forany of the applications to start properly.

There is also an Asterisk-specific LumenVox configuration file called lumenvox.conf in /etc/asterisk/ thatcontrols variables related directly to the Asterisk-LumenVox integration.

For information about each file and its settings, see the page for the appropriate file: