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Tester Overview

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The Tester is one of the most complex portions of the Tuner, but is also one of its most useful. The Tester ties together the other Tuner functions to generate reports about speech recognition accuracy, confidence scores, errors, and other factors that influence the performance of speech applications.

Tester Screen

In addition to displaying details about the loaded data, the Tester allows you to make changes to grammars or Speech Engine settings and see how those changes affect Engine performance.

A typical example of such a test is the following scenario: after transcription or while using the call browser, you notice that callers repeatedly say a word that is not in your grammar, so the results are poor. You then edit the grammar in the grammar editor to include the word. You can then go into the tester, clear the old results, and run a new test to see how the same interactions would have behaved with the new grammar.

This provides immediate feedback on proposed changes, providing you with a good way to test changes without altering production systems.

The tester documentation is comprised of the following sections:

Statistics explains how to interpret the various statistics generated by the Tester, including the Word Listand Error List.

Running Tests explains how to run tests,clear old results, change Engine settings, and make sense of the Interactions list.

Graphs explains how to interpret the Confidence Histogram and provides some inforamtion about the Receiver Operating Characteristics.