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LVInterpretation C API Summary

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The LVInterpretation object contains a fully processed decode result. It includes:

  • The raw input the Speech Engine recognized
  • The name of the grammar that was matched
  • A confidence score for the interpretation
  • The semantic data object -- the result of processing the input sentence against the matching grammar, and executing the semantic tags in the sentence's parse tree

Use <LV_SRE_Semantic.h>

Function Return Type Description
LVInterpretation_Create (void) H_SI Creates an empty LVInterpretation handle.
LVInterpretation_Copy (H_SI hsi, H_SI other) void Create a copy of another LVInterpretation handle
LVInterpretation_CreateFromCopy (H_SI hsi) H_SI Create a copy of another LVInterpretation handle. Returns copy
LVInterpretation_CreateFromParseTree (H_PARSE_TREE Tree, SIErrorCallback callback, void* userdata) H_SI Create a LVInterpretation handle from Parse Tree.
LVInterpretation_Release (H_SI hsi) void Destroys the LVInterpretation handle
LVInterpretation_GetResultData (H_SI hsi) H_SI_DATA The result object, representing the end product of the semantic interpretation process.
LVInterpretation_GetResultName (H_SI hsi) const char* The name of the result data, according to the matching grammar.
LVInterpretation_GetGrammarLabel (H_SI hsi) const char* Returns the name of the grammar as it was provided to the speech port.
LVInterpretation_GetMode (H_SI hsi) const char* Returns the interaction mode for this interpretation.
LVInterpretation_GetLanguage (H_SI hsi) const char* Returns the language identifier for this interpretation.
LVInterpretation_GetInputSentence (H_SI hsi) const char* The sentence that generated this interpretation.
LVInterpretation_GetScore (H_SI hsi) int Confidence score for this interpretation.
LVInterpretation_GetTagFormat (H_SI hsi) const char* The tag format (interpretation scheme) that created the semantic data object.

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